Secretary of the Licheng District Party Committee visited Baiyuan Intelligent Equipment for investigation


On April 7, Huang Huican, secretary of the Licheng District Party Committee, and his delegation visited our company for investigation and guidance, accompanied by Fu Kaishi, chairman of Baiyuan Intelligent Equipment, and other leaders.

circular knitting machines

Huang Huican, Secretary of the District Party Committee, had an in-depth understanding of the implementation of enterprise prevention and control measures and closed-loop management during the epidemic, inquired about the return rate of employees, order quantity, logistics and transportation and other production and operation conditions, and coordinated to solve the difficulties and problems raised by enterprises.

Chairman Fu introduced in detail the company's cooperation with the government in epidemic prevention and control, production operations and current difficulties. Secretary Huang fully affirmed the company's epidemic prevention and control work and orderly production, and encouraged enterprises to strengthen their confidence and take a long-term view. While unrelenting in epidemic prevention and control and ensuring the health of employees, they should actively innovate development ideas, seize the market, and actively explore resources, expand channels, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on corporate development!

Fujian Baiyuan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, service and software development of circular knitting machines.

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